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Thread: Burn to Daemon Virtual CD? from ITunes?

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    Default Burn to Daemon Virtual CD? from ITunes?

    I'd like to burn to a virtual cd from ITunes. Is this possible? If so, how?

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    Hi bob

    It's not possible, DT allows you only to mount an existing image file for read only access.

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    Default Ztekware Original CD Emulator

    A company once made such a product but the reviews and compatibility seem poor.
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    Seems last update of that product are kinda out of date... back to 2002... Quite old for a company relliing on only one product
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    There's another outfit that sells virtual CD/DVD burning software. I haven't tried it, so carpe diem:

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    Daumen hoch Virtual CD v8 Works GREAT!!!

    Thanks for the lead.

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    Default ...

    I will have to remember this next time I use Itunes.
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    Frage I need this too!!

    I would like a virtual CD Burner so that I can use the Audible Manager to create ISO files (or another format) of my audio books. This way I can have the audio books in WAV format without burning 10-15 CDs for each book. Then I can store the WAV files on a DVD-R instead of 15 CDs per book. Better yet, I could convert the WAV files to MP3 or WMA.

    I beleive the Audible Manager uses RoxioSDK for burning, but will only allow converting content to WAV format when burning CDROM from within the program.

    Please help!

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    hmm, try using nero, it can make the nrg or iso format, and can burn direct mp3->audio cd, probably the easiest option for your audio book stuff..

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    I suppose those files are DRM protected in some way so they cannot be converted to any other format except by burning them to CD-R with either AudibleManager (their proprietary software) or iTunes. This is quite the hassle, which is what munchymuncher is trying to bypass. A virtual CD-R drive could be used by AudibleManager and iTunes, such that you'll get .wav files as output instead of an actual CD.
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