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Thread: Cannot Uninstall Daemon Help Me Pls!

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    Default Cannot Uninstall Daemon Help Me Pls!

    I am in the dog house at work faster than you can say dog house if i dont get this problem sorted.

    I installed WC3 Frozen THrone a game at work and used deamon tools to emulate a drive for the disk. only problem is that the admin guy is coming to work soon and i never want him to see it but here i present my problem. The normal disk drive isnt working so i cant read any disks and i think the admin guy will think it was deamon tools if he finds it

    I cant find it in add remove programs so i deleted the source file in /C: thinking that the MDR file thats in use by daemon cud be deleted... Wrong i still cannot delete the marginally obvious file called WC3.MDR from my desktop and somewhere daemon is still installed on my computer which i cant find.

    Please help me or its bye bye lovely salery with easy as hell job for me

    (Summary: How can i delete daemon for good so i get rid of the emulated drive and can in turn delete the image file from my desktop so its not in use by a seemingly invisible program?)

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    In the directory where you installed DT is a file called "uninst.exe". Execute this and DT will be uninstalled.

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    and if that doesn't work you could always act inoccent. If the IT guys name is Brad and he confronts you about it say..."Brad, I have NO idea how that could have found it's way on the computer! Clearly, someone broke in last night and installed it, couldn't have been anyone here NOOOO way."

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    Please help!
    I have tryed removing deamon tools, and get a error that in windows\installer\deamon.msi is missing. Found the file and inserted it manually and the comes up that the file ˇ_E08399B558......ˇ canot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file....

    No idea what to do next i can install the any version of deamon, because it allways detects an older version on the system. Cant manually delete whatever is left of the old one.


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    Download the attached utility. It's from Microsoft, and allows for manual removal of any program that uses the Microsoft Installer (.msi).
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