I recently downloaded this Rise and Fall MDS file, which was about 4.3 gigabytes. The instructions said:

Disconnect your IDE drives, the power to them.
Mount game with daemon tools.
Install the game.
Play the game.

I don't know what IDE drives are, so I decided to open up my computer and I completely disconnected my D: DVD-ROM drive and my E: CD Drive. I downloaded the newest version of Daemon Tools, and I mounted it and installed it. However, the Starforce program still stopped me from playing. The error message was:

Failed to identify the disc in the drive. Insert a licensed disc.

I'm wondering what IDE drives are, and how you disconnect them, and how you make Rise and Fall work. I don't have many options; I can't buy a new CD-RW drive or a removable drive or anything. Is there a solution that will let me play this game with just what I've got? Like any programs that I can download to override or disable the Starforce?