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Thread: New to DT and having issues/problems

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    Default New to DT and having issues/problems

    Ok, hi,

    I understand the basic concept behind daemon tools and have a very vague idea on how everything works with it, but I'm having lots of problems making images, getting around copyright protection, and getting things to run off of my emulated drive. So, I'll just go straight down the line...

    1. I have Alchohol 120%, the full version, I got it from a friend, and I know I have to make an image from the disc i wish to emulate in DT. Lets say I want to make an image of Battlefield 2, just the normal one, in alchohol 120%, what options do I need selected for it, I know that battlefield is Safe Disc secured, but How do i get it to make the image?

    2. I -attempted- to make an image of Battlefield 2 in alchohol
    but I kept getting a " disc read error ###" this is how i set it up in alchohol:

    3. Once I get a working image of a disc and I mount it to DT, should it run automatically, or do I have to tell DT that I'm going to run this game every time i'm going to run it?

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    What about buying Alcohol instead of copying it?

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    Nice tought FordPrefect.
    I also wonder why they have money to buy the game, and do not spend the money for alcohol...

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