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Thread: Tron 2.0 Protection

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    Aight heres the thing i have to image all my games or they run like **** on my computer. I have imaged hundreds of games but my fancy new Tron 2.0 i cannot do. I tried the newest BlindRead and Alchol but it still doenst work. does it detect daemon tools like when never winter nights first came out????

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    afair, tron 2.0 is protected by Securom v4.8x and only available on DVD in the Europe Version. Which Version of the game did you purchased? (f.e. european or american)

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    Default Tron 2.0 Protection

    I have the version u buy ligitimatly in canada

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    I'll check later which protection is used on canadian version of this game (i guess it could be securom like european version, too).

    Maybe it's protected with latest Securom Version, in this case you should wait until next release of Daemon Tools

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    Default Tron 2.0 Protection

    I know it is securerom it must be some real new fancy version????

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    This game is relative new, so I guess you're right. We're currently working on this issue

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    Default Tron 2.0 Protection

    Alright thanks thats all i wanted to know any idea when the new version is coming out??

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    when it's done :mrgreen:

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    Has anyone got Tron2.0 to work with daemon tools?
    I have the us version but it won't work even with SecuRom emulation.

    I have installed Tron2 from an image I made with clone cd and mounted with daemon tools. Tron2 installs fine this way but when I go to play it
    it tries to access the cd (It does recognize the cd) but then just stops. I looks like it is because of the SecuRom and it is not another problem


    edit: I also have the latest daemon tools version (3.44) installed


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