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  • Yes, give us .uif support!

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  • Yes, give us .daa and .uif support!

    16 44.44%
  • No interest in such formats, leave it as is!

    18 50.00%
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Thread: Please make Daemon able to mount DAA files

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    Quote Originally Posted by LocutusofBorg View Post
    but you are not forced to use poweriso - except you got your image(s) from someone else.
    This happens quite often. And I'm not talking about illegal / warez stuff, I work in a large company where quite some people create and work with images in different formats. I don't know why they prefer .DAA, nor can I change it all, it's just a fact.

    I understand why you have reasons to be against PowerIso, but deliberately NOT supporting .DAA does NOT make DT more popular. Really, it just doesn't help you one bit.

    Its all your choice...
    Of course, but the choice would be a lot easier if DT supported .UIF and .DAA as well - gives just one more reason NOT to use crap software like PowerIso anymore.

    Including a converter to other formats (iso/mdf/mds/etc) would help a bit, but it's just not convenient.

    (PS. in case it helps anyone, here's a free open source prog to convert DAA and UIF to ISO)

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    Please understand, that popularity is not the "engine" that
    motivates us to iplement such feature.

    We see that there is demand for such feature, but - like ALL
    companys - we have also a look to what features our customers
    want; and .daa is definitly not in top10 in wishlist.

    Nevertheless, we THINK about it, as promised. And when there
    is some spare time, we will implement this. Of course I cant
    promise you that it will be done very soon, we only promise
    things that we are sure about, especially since the issues with
    vIDE, DT V4 and DT Pro in general, we are very very carefull to
    not bring us again in incomfortable situation.

    What I can promise you:
    We do not deny your request at all. We seriously think about
    it. Thats all I can promise you now. Should we come to con-
    clusion that this is worthfull, we will do it and I will post here
    a small update, so you and everyone else interested in this
    feature can be sure then that it WILL be implemented
    (and it shouldnt take too much time).

    Also keep in mind: It might be first introduced in DT Pro, as
    we usually implement in our flagship our new technology and
    new features first. Time will tell
    I hope that statement is now more clear and you have some-
    thing to "work" with now.

    Indeed, we have all rights to implement it into DT and of
    course we want DT/Pro the most advanced and best multi-
    mounter available now and in future.

    I will add a poll to this thread, everyone who is interested
    in .daa and .uif support should vote here! This poll WILL have
    influence on our decision, so VOTE!

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    Daumen hoch Yes, DO!

    Well. I, for one, would currently give DT an overall 9/10. My only complaint is this 'not support daa' nonsense. I mean, I think alot of people would like integration of that format (about half the poll), and you do like good user ratings, right? If 50% of your users were like me, and changed their hypothetical rating from 9 to 10, we're talking major god report. It would be good for business, good for users, and good for me. I am often forced to use .daa ( for various reasons); it's probably the second most common format I have to mount (next to ISO). Support would be good, even if it does injure a few egos over there

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    I'm voting YES.

    Just because PowerISO likes to play sandbox war doesn't mean its justifies others to do so.

    To be the best is to support all the best. It doesn't matter who made it or on which terms. Okay, maybe history has a dark past, but you can find the same patterns in competitors everywhere you look.

    If the format doesn't qualify in performance, put in a warning message informing of the disadvantages the first time its used.

    The matter of importance is to put your own ego aside and think that you're better because you don't throw the sand back. You have job to do and that is to support as many formats in the best possible ways as possible.

    Keep up the good work Daemon Tools team, you're the best and you'll make the best decision eventually.


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    Default reminder

    This was a 60 days poll, reminder for everyone to vote - 2 weeks left.
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    The only thing achieved by not supporting this format is forcing you're users over to competitors, it makes no sense whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bar10dr View Post
    The only thing achieved by not supporting this format is forcing you're users over to competitors, it makes no sense whatsoever.
    Same here, two .NET studio 2008 images from work, but office uses DAA format, so I was just forced to switch.

    Shame really, since DT wasn't bad whatsoever, except for lack of image support for some petty reason.

    Anyways I signed up to make a yes vote here, but the poll is already closed...

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    For those in the meantime.....

    Does the job fine....

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    Thanks for the daa2iso program! As far as I can tell it contains no viruses and works great. Maybe the DT folks can negotiate a deal with aluigi and incorporate his version into their tools?

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