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Thread: Please make Daemon able to mount DAA files

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    Default Please make Daemon able to mount DAA files

    That would be Great,but it doesnt, not like right now,

    it would be handy instead of useing poweriso...

    just a suggestion.

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    no, we will not support PowerISO, these "copycats" just
    copy/pasted our design without notify us, therefore we
    consider them as "unfriendly". Moreover we will take pre-
    cautions so that new images can't be read by other
    emulators anymore, f.e. only DT can open DT Pro-imagefiles.
    Except for Alcohol, only Alcohol can open DT Pro
    image-files and vice versa.

    It can't be that some authors have nothing better to do
    to participate on others work and even without any notice
    to us. Therefore you will never see .daa-support

    See also this link:

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    Are there plans to support any other new formats in the future?
    For example, I'd like very much to have support for ratDVD-Images, as it is a very space-saving format for Video-DVD's at a high quality and it includes the full menu-structure.

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    yes, we will include further new formats. We only do not
    support the Poweriso-format

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    I find it a silly argument that you wont support daa or other formats just because they didnt ask permission. This is just how the world works. Its just a little healthy competition. I can understand your frustration but dont get mad, get even. I would suggest out competing them by supporting all of these formats thereby making their product redundant. Right now if i need to read daa then i'm forced to use poweriso, hence theres not much need to use daemon tools. I might as well use poweriso. Daemon tools dont offer much more than all the other clones do format wise. So take my advice and stay ahead of the competition by being the best out there and support every format there is. Thats what the people(me) really want


    Ps. I could really use uif support as well

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    If they stole anything from DT, they should burn in hell. Why should we support them?
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    rivalry is healthy competition
    theft is not, theft is essentially competing against yourself..

    the dt team seem quite decent and open about discussing things, if anyone wanted to code plugins, add in gui etc, i have yet to see anyone get a simple 'no' etc... so im sure if the poweriso people had have done the decent thing then perhaps the dt teams stance on the issue might be different... i can completely understand (and i 100% agree) with their approach regarding this format....

    as for 'all the other clones'... quite a few of those programs use the older dt 'engine', others simply cloned / built on the concept.. if you look back in the past, the dt/alc team were the leaders in the virtual technology, others jumped on the bandwagon to make a quick buck and their products put simply are shit in comparison even today...

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    I agree that it's pretty lousy of the rival companies to steel what essentially is dts. However i dont think its a good idea to just sit idle by and let them do it. So I say either sue the bastards or beat them at thair own game. Out compete them. Steal their formats. The problem is that I'm forced to use their products when i'd prefer to use use dt. Thats why i would like to see dt show a little teeth instead of a frown.


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    but you are not forced to use poweriso - except you got your
    image(s) from someone else. But DT is here to support you
    to create YOUR images from your OWN discs, not from down-
    loaded stuff. Said this, I cant see where DT Team "Idles" here

    What we currently support and what you currently get by
    DT Pro Advanced is - imho - atm THE best virtual drive
    technology. PLUS: We profed all those people wrong that
    thought we would only update our new flagship so-so, instead
    we continue to improve it not only by making the virtual drive
    engine better and better, but also by add new functions to
    the application (be it the encryption, the image converter,
    the compression etc etc), we always "invent" our product
    new, always question ourselfes "couldnt this work better
    somehow". Since last year, alot on this portal happend, we
    improved our technology alot and this is MAIN reason imho
    WHY we have that huge success - people do not pay >30
    for shit, you agree?

    Now we even made first steps in other directions to give
    our users even better experience with our tools, e.g.
    Astroburn which has low memory footprint and works out of
    the box even with newest BluRay or HD-DVD (and is nicely
    integrated into DT Pro Adv., too!), new DT Lite,
    where we improved the interface alot (imho) and offer
    additional services like the new daemon-search. Of course
    its your choice to use those new services, but in general,
    people are impressed.

    And as always rest assured: we're in the middle of some nice
    new features for our products!
    We improve our support-team with native speakers of alot
    of languages and and and...

    Of course, when you're just downloading stuff in .daa format,
    then there's nothing we can do for you. However, we think
    about the possibility now to include .daa format to our
    converter, so that you can at least convert .daa images to
    our native .mds/mdf format.

    Its all your choice...

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