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Thread: File what stores all emulation info?

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    Default File what stores all emulation info?

    I'm just wondering what file in windows stores information about how many cd drives there are and how I can take the emulation info off of it. I have 4 emulations STUCK on from a daemon software failure and I reinstalled. Now when I try to press unmount drives, it just stays on. When I mount drives, it just adds more drives to the ones already stuck on. This is causing many problems with removable storage on my system and needs to be fixed.

    Help much appreciated, Thanks.

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    Remove Daemon Tools, then check one of the following threads in common problems and solutions forum to remove leftovers of previous installation(s) manually:
    For v4.0x the thread about how to remove v4,
    for v3.43 - v3.47 the thread about error 25002.
    Reboot after the procedure(s), then re-install.
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