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Thread: Help-"insert correct dvd/cd"

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    Unglücklich Help-"insert correct dvd/cd"

    I have followed microsofts 10 step fix,I am using original dvds and its only 1 in 10 game dvds that show this error.I reloaded windows and since then this started as the loaded before.I dont have any emulation drives.I have updated the gigabyte dvd roms drivers( its 2 months old)Help me please...

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    We'll need a bit more information, before we can help you:

    What games (don't) work for you?
    Windows 2000/XP 32-bit/XP 64-bit?
    What do you mean with the 10-step fix?
    What do you mean by "reloaded Windows"?
    And what do mean with "this started as the loaded before"?


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