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Thread: Suggestion for -noautolock command line switch

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    Rotes Gesicht Suggestion for -noautolock command line switch

    Hello, I use Daemon tools to mount images of Sega Dreamcast games for emulation purposes, and I use MediaPortal, an open source media center similar to XP: Media center Edition to integrate the PC into an arcade cabinet. My suggestion is fairly straightforward, the emulator I use, called Chankast, directly interfaces with Daemon tools to auto mount game images when a game is selected to be run, but every time Daemon tools restarts, say from a reboot, the 'secure mode' option turns back on and every time my emulator tries to mount an image, it gives two dialog boxes from Daemon tools asking if it is alright to mount the images. this is frustrating because, in order to get it to work right, I must first go to the Daemon Tools options menu and turn the 'secure mode' option off before running any of the emulation software. My goal is seamless integration, and if given the option of saving 'secure mode' to 'off' were available, or maybe a command line switch that automatically disables it, this would help me tremendously.
    Thank you for this consideration.

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    The SecureMode option should keep its setting after reboot.
    Try to update to latest SPTD layer version:
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