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Thread: daemon333.exe a trojan horse?

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    Default daemon333.exe a trojan horse?

    i browsed my hd recently and my AntiVir proggy reported this:

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    simple answer:

    no, Daemon Tools isn't a trojan horse, virus or similar malware.
    Your Virusscanner is crap, that's all

    You can download daemon333.exe and send it to experts to proof our statements, like symantec or similar institutions

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    Setup is packed with winrar, which uses upx. Virus scanners will sometimes claim that upx is a virus because of the way it unpacks.

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    Hehehe, what a crap Virusscanner, if every file is identified as virus, simply because it's rar-packed, you can better trust your nose instead of the virusscanner. I prefer f-prot, even Norton Antivirus is a good solution (and moreover doesn't identify daemon tools as virus/trojan)

    What's strange is, that your scanner identify our program as trojan - or to be more specific, an icq-flood script, if I understand the message right.
    really strange

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    im pleased with it so far... no $ for comercial stuff :/

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    It's not my task to tell you what scanner you should use, but if a scanner can't tell the difference between a simply upx-packed archive or a trojan, it isn't even worth $0. At least when it comes to security I prefer professional solutions - that doesn't mean it must cost a thing.

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    OMG, yes, there was a free one back several years ago - can't remember the name of it, but it got rave reviews - until some serious testing was done on it. Turned out the author had a falling out with his G/f and the AV program would rename files that had his g/f's name in it . I cannot remember it now, but I recall it came out around the same time as the original F-prot, I think.

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    Default Re: daemon333.exe a trojan horse?

    Quote Originally Posted by grumpel
    i browsed my hd recently and my AntiVir proggy reported this:

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    Default UPX

    The reason your Anti-virii sees UPX as a Trojan is becuase most IRC bots, and warez files are packed with UPX...

    So its doing its job.
    (hope I am not banned for this answer)

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    no, we don't ban someone for unprofessional answers. But if you want to
    be taken serious, you should first READ this thread (because we already
    mentioned that it's possible that the mentioned scanners simple have a
    problem with upx-packed files)

    and more important, second: this is simple bullshit. Nowadays, many
    virii comes as .exe files or even crypted .zip-archives. Should it ban all
    .exe and .zip-archives as well? If a scanner is unable
    to tell the difference between a upx-packed file and malware, it's worth
    NOTHING (even if it's a free solution, it's simple crap!)

    Maybe I create a new kind of virus-scanner, with a pop-up box in case
    you download a file: "Warning: You download a file!!!! This file may contain
    a virus!!! delete it immediately!!"


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