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Thread: Deleting Files From A CD Image

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    Default Deleting Files From A CD Image

    Hi all,

    I've just made a 1 to 1 CD image backup copy of EA Sports' F1 2002 onto my hard disc using CloneCD. The game has the hallmarks of safedisc protection but daemon tools runs the game fine from the image even without the safedisc emulation enabled.

    However, the image file is very big (776MB) and this seems a bit of a waste of space for a game that is already installed on my hard drive and that only needs the original disc inserted for the copy protection part. So my question is how can I delete all of the unecessary files from the CD image and only keep enough of the CD image to make sure that the game 'sees' that the original disc is inserted?


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    If you used Image for emulation, activation for SafeDisc (and other protections) isn't necessary and only needed if you run Backup from CD-R!

    To give a short answer to your Question: No, this isn't possible. If you wanna save the hdd-space the only solution is to backup the game to CD-R and run it from the burned CD

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    i too wanted to edit add/remove files to and from a image once made...that would be nice! and doesnt seem would be nice if some one made a prog for it

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    @n3wt: it's NOT possible, like I always posted 2 posts above. At least not with a protected Game.
    On the other hand, with UNprotected Images this is possible. If that helps you :mrgreen: (but I guess not)

    Maybe you should "google" around to find such a program.

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    You can't delete something from a physical CD either (unless it's a RW).

    Anyway ISOBuster can change the content of some image formats.


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