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    Default homeworld 2

    homeworld 2 ( french ) doesn't lauch with the last deamon-tools release ( and older )
    i've 10 computer and 10 cd, and i've already 1 cd broken and 2 striped...

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    10 cd's and 10 pc`s? did you run a cyber-cafe?

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    yes, but if homeworld2 doesn't work with deamon tools, i'll not use it ...
    and I think it's a good tools
    with older games we use one cd for several pc, it's necessary for the launch, but homeworld2 requires the cd several times during the game.
    i discovered d-t recently, and if it work with homeworld2 perhaps i'll use it in my cyber-café

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    I am sure it will load. You need to make an image of it first with a program that can do it properly. I recommend Blindwrite from VSO software.

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    I recommend to create a working image with Alcohol 120% (latest Version).

    Use the latest Version of Daemon Tools (3.41) to mount the image, it works

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    i will test alcohol
    with blindwrite and clone cd it's not good ;(


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