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Thread: Safedisc V2.8!

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    Default Safedisc V2.8!

    Safedisc V2.8 is killing me here! Got a lot of CDs I'd like to put on my harddrive so I don't have to swap anymore (Hitman 2, Ghost Recon, Morrowind... just to name a few) - and this new safedisc is really raining on my parade.

    I don't know what program you guys are using but I bought CloneCD and it's been my favorite choice for making images. I don't mean to rush anyone, but the sooner you get that out the better

    Keep up the good work guys! I use your software everyday

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    All games you mentioned are NOT protected by SafeDisc, but by SecuROM 4.8x - use Alcohol 120%, Blindwrite 4.2.5 or ********2 to create images with DPM and mount these ґextendedґ images in Daemon Tools.
    SafeDisc 2.80.010 is NO problem - normal RAW-image works fine.
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