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Thread: "No language support detected" Error message

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    Default "No language support detected" Error message

    I am certain that this issue is trivial and it's cause is simple. But, I am truely at a loss.

    Everytime I try to run the Daemon.exe, I get a "No language support detected" error.

    Recently upgraded my windows service pack to SP2. It worked just fine before hence. I'm not sure if the upgrade may have caused a prob. I have Daemon tools installed on a usb HD with no prob up till now. After the upgrade, all the programs(all my PC games) installed on the usb HD needed to have their shortcuts' path renamed from 'D' to 'E'. (E:/PCgames/etc...) When I attempt to reinstall/repair, I get a error telling me that the folder path contains an invalid character. I'm not sure what else to do, at this point.

    I am lost here. Any assistance would be vastly appreciated.

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    Default Common Problems and Solutions

    What version of DAEMON Tools are you using? I would recommend performing a manual uninstall and then reinstalling. See the Common Problems and Solutions section of the forum for instructions on manually removing DAEMON Tools.
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