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Thread: problem with latest sptd driver

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    Default problem with latest sptd driver

    hi guys, daemontools v 4,06 worked perfectly in latest vista 5744 rc2 but now in xp pro sp2 i got much problems. I got a bsod and before my comp got slower and slower and if even took times to open a .txt file. At first i didn't know what the problem was but after testing i figured out latest sptd was the wrongmaker. I just deleted the 2 sptd's, re-installed alcohol and afterwards i could install v 4.03 version again and all my probs disappeared. I'd rather not then i doesn't bypass latest starforce f.e. I have a dual core proc. amd 4600+ and a msi k8n neo4 motherboard. Maybe somebody could help me with this problem ?


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    Do you have a minidump from the BSOD?


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