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Thread: Final Fantasy VII/VIII PC

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    Try it like Zappo and reinstall it ! Otherwise, did you have a proper ISO of it ?
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    sorry guys, I'm not that notifiied on this stuff

    How did you guys install the game?

    I tried using Magic ISO to make an image but it always stops at 63%, then Daemon Tools wont open up at all for me when I D/L it

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    Default I stumbled upon this site because I'm looking for FF7 Technical help as well..

    I have the same problem as zero, but this always happens when I try to play Disc 3 to end the game. Somehow, it says to insert disc 1, 2, or 3, even when I've already mounted Disc 3. When I originally started the game, I had this same problem as well, but then I edited by Regedit and FF7 has been working considerably well for the last two discs. I've also just reinstalled, but the message still pops up. Does anyone have any other ideas..?

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    Please install the latest version of Alcohol 120% and create new images from your original CDs.
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    Default heres what i did and its working

    i installed this on my pc and copied the entire lot onto my laptop to test and it works great!
    install final fantasy8 via the install cd
    copy the files field.fl and field.fs THAT INSTALLED FROM the install disk to a new folder on ur hard drive,
    from cd1 copy disc1.pak and Disk.1 to the same new folder
    from cd2 copy disc2.pak and Disk.2 to the same new folder
    from cd3 copy disc3.pak and Disk.3 to the same new folder
    from cd4 copy disc4.pak and Disk.4 to the same new folder
    you will then have the files in the new folder
    disc1.pak and Disk.1
    disc2.pak and Disk.2
    disc3.pak and Disk.3
    disc4.pak and Disk.4
    burn them as an iso image named FF8_Disc
    then mount the image file u created
    run regedit
    open this key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Square Soft, Inc\FINAL FANTASY VIII\1.00
    click on the 1.00 once then on the right u will see "DataDrive" (right click on this and choose modify )
    enter the driveletter where you mounted the FF8_Disc.iso
    bingo ur game will not ask for cd!! hehe

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    THis may sound stupid, But I had problems with this before: make sure the word "DISC" is spelled correctly. It wont work with the cd name "DISK"

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    can someone help me how te get ff8 working. i can start the game but when i press new game it says insert disc 1 and i did that regeditstuff but when i press newgame my screen will become black and nothing will happen... so does anyone know what im doing wrong?

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    Default FF7 Reg hacking

    if you insist on hacking the registry, there are TWO settings:
    <HKEY_local_machine/software/Square Soft, Inc./Final Fantasy VII>
    Data Drive: <insert Virtual CD-ROM Letter>:\
    MoviePath: <insert Virtual CD-ROM Letter>:\FF7\Movies\

    i don't know about FF8

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    Everybody makes it so complicated.

    All you have to do is disable your actual CD/DVD drives thus making your virtual drive the default one... Wow, how hard was that?

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    Not everyone wants to mess around inside their computer. And for that matter, not everyone can without voiding the warranty on their system. For myself, I just put my DVD&#177;RW drives into external USB enclosures and that way I can disconnect them easily just by flipping a switch on the back.

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