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Thread: Alcholo 120% and CD-RW Drives

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    Default Alcholo 120% and CD-RW Drives

    Does anyone know what CD-RW drives alcholo 120% works with? I just both a SAMSUNG SW-248 Drive from best buy for $40.00 (Retail Price $89.99) it was part of the Early Bird Friday Special. In any case I am not sure if it will BURN ALL my games when I use Alcholo 120%. I have not opened the drive yet becauase if it is most going to help me with my game burning then it is pointless.

    Any suggestions as to what I should get in a CD Burner? Here is what the SAMSUN SW-248 has:

    Date Transfer Rate
    Record 48x
    Rewrite 16x
    Read 48x

    Burt Transfer Rate
    PIO MOde 4
    DMA Mode 2
    Ultra DMA Mode 2

    Recording Capacity
    CD-RW Disc 700/650MB
    CD-R Disc 800/700/650/550MB


    Buffer Memory
    8MB (I think this is a lot more than most other drives on the market right now)

    Flash Memory

    Supports Disc

    Writing Method
    DAO (Disco At Once);
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    TAO (Track At Once);
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    SAO, Session AT Once);
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    Multi Session, Packet Writing (Variable, Fixed Packet)

    I don't see anything about RAW and from what I have read in various post it appears that you want RAW becuase will allow for 1:1 copying. Am I correct in this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Alcohol series software supported CD/DVD Recorders List :
    Hope it can help you.

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    Latest copyprotections like Securom 4.8x etc. cannot be copied anyway!

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    yup... that's unfortunately right, SwENSkE... if somebody cares:

    (taken from the official Alcohol 120% support forum):
    | consider this: Securom works with variations in the radial widh of the
    | spiral track on the glass master cd. These variations are detected using
    | timing measurement during the start of the games. So if you want a real
    | 1:1 copy you need to create the exactly same variations in the spiral
    | track of a cdr media. As the spiral track is already existing on a cdr
    | media the moment you buy it in a shop, a 1:1 copy is not possible in the
    | moment.
    | The only chance to do something like a 1:1 copy is to manipulate the cdr
    | in a way that the timing measurement during game start "thinks" there
    | are the correct variations in the spiral track. This is what Blindwrite does
    | with these twin sectors, but this is no real 1:1 copy, this is something
    | like cheating the detection routine.
    | So a 1:1 copy is technically not possible until we get cdr media without
    | pre-existing spiral track and burners able to create the spiral track
    | before writing the actual data. written by Sloopy_DE

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    Default Clone CD and Securom 4.8

    I tried to copy Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 using Clone CD (before i found this site!) and gave the copy to my friends son but of course it would not play. I get the opening screen with the helterskelter but that is it. From what I can gather on this site there is nothing i can do to get the copy of the game to work?

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