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Thread: Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

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    Default Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

    i have a french CD. I have rip this with cloneCD, but when i mount the image with daemon, the menu appears but when i click on the "Play game", the game doesnt lunch.
    This CD is protected ?

    Ps : sorry im french so i speak no good english

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    don't worry, my english is as bad as yours :lol:

    What concerns your prob:

    "Emperor" is protected with the new Securom-Protection. CloneCD isn't capable to handle this new protections, you should use one of the following programs:

    Alcohol120% (easy) ********2 (easy) Blindwritesuite
    This Programs are able to handle the new Securom 4.8x Protection.

    Simply create a image with one of the above mentioned programs, than mount the image into Daemon Tools, works 100%.


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