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Thread: Error message No Language Support Detected

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    Default Error message No Language Support Detected

    hi guys,
    I've this problem with D-Tools:
    When I try to run the program, it appaers this error message "No Language Support Detected", I've tried to unistall completely the program, but when I've reinstalled the is appeared the same message!
    How can I resolve the problem???
    I'm waiting for your advice....thank you!

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    yes, but I want to resolve my problem...

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    Newer Daemon Tools versions actually just read the required language dll in installation folder. So check what's going on there (permissions, existance of files etc.).
    Did you use another language dll in the past?
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    Ok. I am having a problem not unlike this. I get that error when i try to run Deamon, and when I try to update my older version to the newer one, or try to uninstall and start over, It tells me that the folder path contains an invalad character. I have used the same path before with no problems. Although, I -did- update my windows and since then, it's been acting funny. I not sure what changed to cause this though. I'm completely stuck. Any and all assistance would be vastly appreciated.


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