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Thread: Good PC Games

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    Gothic I & II, best games ever. The atmosphere is great, but i've never played the english version.
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    German version of Gothic I & II & III is better (original and better voices), i tried english demos and dont like it, but the english voice of Xardas is good
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    how is gothic III anyway, I want to play it, but I can't understand why there aren't any English reviews for the English version of Gothic III.

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    Just Cause is pretty good but the missions are way too generic. Shame, it had a lot of potential to be a really good game.

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    Default heres some good pc games

    condition zero,total annihilation,total annihilation kindoms,planetside,delta force 2they should be in ur range also there is a steam community with a lot of fps gun games to play.

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    GTA San Andreas is a very good game!

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    Wow, I nearly forgot about this thread. I've been gone from Daemon Tools for a while now since I've been a bit busy.

    I do however check the forum at least once a week.

    Anyway, I got some fairly decent games now. I just bought Devil May Cry 4 for my PC a couple months ago.

    I plan on buying some more soon, my PC game collection consists of 60+ games.
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    Daumen hoch Europa Universalis ROME

    Hi all

    If you like Antique History and STR games , try Europa Universalis
    "ROME" edited by Paradox .

    You can get monthes and monthes to play this game, cause you get plenty of possibilities to create again Antique Rome's History.

    This game requiert patience and reflexion, it's very welldone, you have really people of this periode .

    And "sherries on the cake" the game is no protected.

    You install the game with its CD, you put the CD in its box. You click on Rome's Icone, and game runs fine! No image, no emulator are necessary!

    Congratulations to Paradox editor cause he respects his clients! (customers)

    Good attitude, good game, buy it and do not pirate it.

    I think plenty of editors would take example on Paradox editor!

    Best regard and cordialy!


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    hey i'll be quick

    games you should be able to play
    dead space
    left 4 dead
    fallout 3
    and if you like a new kind of fps check out portal

    games you will be able to play if you dont mind real classics
    dues ex and dues ex - invisible war (2 seperate games not an expantion)
    system shock 2
    (but not ss1 it's very bad + no-one sells it an y more not even online)
    though ss2 is pretty pricey for a old game (around 30$) i think its exactly what your looking for its a fps and a rpg

    ps some of those games up the top may be out of ur price range for some time

    pps those last few games may not be sold at a games store anymore (check online)

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    if u want to try a good rpg get morrowind or oblivian they are great games a masive story line i beat ull never beat it

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