With the holiday season coming up, I'd thought I would ask my family for some PC games.

However I am having a bit of difficulty choosing what PC games I may want.

I Like anything that's a First Person Shooter, or a Survival Horror game, Adventure Game, I also like some specific kinds of Third Person Shooters/Action Games.

I am Looking for games in the $9.99 - $19.99 or $29.99 range. The games must have an Excellent Story/Plot , I always love a good, Exciting, moving or Compelling Story in a game.

Also I probably wouldn't mind trying out an RPG for once.

Also It doesn't matter what the Games Rating is, as long as it's not Childish, Although I would Prefer games rated "Teen" or "Mature".

Also Btw the games Must Not Contain Starforce.

Are there any games that fit the catagories I mentioned?

I'd be thankful if anyone can give me some suggestions

Also here's a short list of games I already own:

1.) Quake 4

2.) Doom 3

3.) Silent Hill 3

4.) Silent Hill 4: The Room

5.) Max Payne

6.) Max Payne 2

7.) The Matrix - Path of Neo

8.) Sonic Heroes

Thank You if Anyone Can give me any Suggestions