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Thread: Good PC Games

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    Default Good PC Games

    With the holiday season coming up, I'd thought I would ask my family for some PC games.

    However I am having a bit of difficulty choosing what PC games I may want.

    I Like anything that's a First Person Shooter, or a Survival Horror game, Adventure Game, I also like some specific kinds of Third Person Shooters/Action Games.

    I am Looking for games in the $9.99 - $19.99 or $29.99 range. The games must have an Excellent Story/Plot , I always love a good, Exciting, moving or Compelling Story in a game.

    Also I probably wouldn't mind trying out an RPG for once.

    Also It doesn't matter what the Games Rating is, as long as it's not Childish, Although I would Prefer games rated "Teen" or "Mature".

    Also Btw the games Must Not Contain Starforce.

    Are there any games that fit the catagories I mentioned?

    I'd be thankful if anyone can give me some suggestions

    Also here's a short list of games I already own:

    1.) Quake 4

    2.) Doom 3

    3.) Silent Hill 3

    4.) Silent Hill 4: The Room

    5.) Max Payne

    6.) Max Payne 2

    7.) The Matrix - Path of Neo

    8.) Sonic Heroes

    Thank You if Anyone Can give me any Suggestions

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    Half-Life 2 (relatively long and satisfying), Prey (short, but good story). I'm not sure of the prices on those, however. Oooo...for an RPG, even if you aren't a Star Wars fan try Star Wars Kinghts of the old Republic (1 and 2...start with one obviously), I loved the story in that. Oblivion...that's a good one too, not sure if that's in your price range. There's an older game, Beyond Good and Evil, that's definitely in your price range, excellent story (like participating in a movie).
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    Knights of Honor is also a very good game
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    Second Sight
    it isn't very new but it has a good story and good grafic
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    Half Life 2 is a MUST for you! Can't believe you haven't played it.
    Also very good is the add-on for Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil.
    Then you should play Far Cry and give Battlefield 2 and Brothers in Arms a try.

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    Actually I already own Half-Life 2 and Far Cry, I just didn't want to mention them all, otherwise the list of games I own would of been longer.

    To Sum it up, the Other Games I own are:

    1.) Splinter Cell, and Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

    2.) Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, and Athena Sword.

    3.) Grand Theft Auto III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas.

    4.) Devastation

    5.) Unreal and Unreal Tournament 2004

    6.) T3: War of the Machines

    7.) Red Faction 2

    8.) Global Operations

    9.) True Crime: Streets of LA

    10.) Tony Hawk's Underground 2

    11.) Enter The Matrix

    12.) Midnight Club 2

    Along with the games mentioned in my first post, Far Cry, and Half-Life 2, are the games I already own.

    Btw My PC is not fast enough to play games like F.E.A.R W/O Major Slowdown/Lag

    My Current PC is only a Celeron D 330 @ 2.66 Ghz, BFG Geforce FX 5500 OC, and 1024 Megs of ram.

    I will be building a new system soon. Hopefully a Dual Core Conroe System, with a Geforce 7900 GS all going to be bought from newegg.

    So games like F.E.A.R, with tons of eyecandy will have to hold off till I can build a better system

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    I'd pretty much have to agree with what estimablesir listed. The KotOR series is an awesome RPG. Though it can be fairly linear, it never really feels like it due to the interactive response system that adjusts character reactions to your attitude and responses, and the fact that you can tackle the worlds in any order, or even leave and start another partway through if one world is too tough at your current level. Plus, the optional sidequests that can be opened up by talking to your comrades gives it that extra level of immersion.

    KotOR 2 isn't quite as good due to Obsidian taking over development (instead of Bioware which did the original KotOR) and being rushed into an early release by Lucas Arts. Still, in spite of the flaws, it's well worth playing also. The fact that you can actually influence whether your characters are good or evil by your actions makes up for a lot of the failures.

    Neither of these require massive systems to run, though I suspect you'll still need to turn some eye candy down/off for certain areas. And as for Prey, it has intruiging gameplay and an immersing storyline, though it was a little short in my opinion. But if you can pick it up for around $30-35, it's worth buying.

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    I completely agree with Jito463.
    Both KotOR games are on my all-time favourites list.

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    Indeed! Great games.
    I played both till the end. This happens quite rarely because of lack of time.

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    Default 4 others good games

    Hi all!

    Also you have very good games :
    Battlefield 1942 and all its Mods (ex; Forgotten hope, end of destruction, Finwars, BF 1918, Desert combat) . All these addon are FREE (no money). Actually (BF1942+ Italy campaign+secret weapons) is only at 15$ at 20$!!! (in supermarkets in Europe and America) cause this game is "a little old"
    We have yet plenty of gamers on the Net, cause it's runs also on Pc with small configurations!!

    BF2 is also very good (now you have free addons: EOD2, Nations at war, rising conficts, Hard justice, project reality, hostile progression and so one...). Price with the addon "special forces" 50$

    All the series of "Call of duty". (Boxed for Christmas with all the versions (50$ at 80$))

    If you like wargames the best I think is HEARTS Of Iron Doomsday, (story is 1936->1945(before the war and during the war)->1945->1953 (cold war 1945->1953 ), it's edited by "PARADOX" this is one only editor in the world (I say in the world) who respects the gamers: you install the game, after you put the disc in its box and you click on the icon of the game and it runs!!! No emulation, no image necessary!! My congratulations for the editor "Paradox" he respects his customers (no pirate suspiscious!! like others editors in the world). I pay it 50$ but with pleasure for the quality of the game and the very good attitude of the editor "Paradox"

    If you like also "gestion strategy" games you have Empire Earth2 and his addon "Art of supremacy". (15$ for the game +20$ for the addon)

    An other good game is CIVILIZATION IV (15$) and its addon warlords (30$)

    You have also all the series of Age of Empire (very good game also)!! For Christmas in boxed you have all the versions for 50$ at 70$.

    All these games are not protected by Starforce or Tages; you create a fonctionnaly image with alcohol 52% Free edition you put the good image in one of the virtual drive of the last version of DT (4.08) and all is OK!!

    Best regards , CU

    PS sorry for my bad English cause it's not my first language

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