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Thread: RAM compatibility/good decision?

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    Default RAM compatibility/good decision?

    Hi, I have a problem with my ram situation. I am wanting to upgrade to 2Gb but i'm having trouble finding ram that will be compatible with what i have. I have the Cosair TWIN2X1024A-4300C3PRO set of matched 512 sticks. ( )Its really good ram but i can't find it in stock anywhere now and the only other PC4300 ram I can find is the kingston hyper x. (
    The hyper x has different times though so i don't know if it will be very compatible. Should i keep looking for another set of my ram or would the kingston be ok?

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    You will not have problems with the corsair and kingston in your computer. As long as you have the slots.
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    Keep in mind that - unless you're overclocking - the RAM is only running at PC3200 speeds anyway. Assuming you're not OC'ing, what you should do is find out what timings it's currently running at and make sure your new memory will do the same timings at PC3200 speeds. If not, you may have to adjust the timings in the BIOS so they're both running the same.


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