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Thread: CCD-Images of Audio-CDs no longer working under 3.41

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    Default CCD-Images of Audio-CDs no longer working under 3.41

    Operating System: xp home sp 1
    Burning Software: none
    Anti-virus Software: none
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41


    There seems to be a problem with older CCD-images of Audio-CDs in 3.41, but not with CCD-images of Data-CDs.

    I use CCD- and MDS-images of Audio and Data CDs. All were working under 3.20, 3.29, 3.32 and 3.33.

    But there is a problem with ca. 50% of the CCD-images of Audio CDs under 3.41 and only under 3.41. Under 3.41 I get the following error when trying to mount one of these CCD-images of an Audio CD:

    "Unable to mount image. Invalid track number in sub-channel file."

    There is no problem when mounting MDS-images or CCD-images of Data CDs. Playing around with options and emulations of 3.41 does not help. Ghosting an old version (3.33) does, but I suppose that 3.41 is superior (Blacklisting etc.) to 3.33.

    Is this error known?

    Can somebody reproduce this behaviour on his system?

    If so, will this error be fixed?

    Or will I have to create MDS-images of my older CDs?


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    Reproduced it, we'll check it.
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