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Thread: Silent Installation Switchs

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    Default Silent Installation Switchs

    How about adding Silent Installation to your Installer. . . I pre install STPD 1.35 (silent) and would like to have Daemon Tools follow using the RunonceEx part of my XP setup (I am currently using AutoIT scripts to achieve this feature but it is ugly and messy)!

    Please. . . . your building a new version to include STPD 1.35anyway just use a differant installer or turn on the feature if it is avaliable in the one you got!

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    I don't want to use AutoIT to do it and your NSIS installer sucks without the /S feature working (bring back MSI)

    I've been hunting for a work around:

    rundll32.exe daemon.dll,DaemonAdapterInstall

    I thought somthing like this should have worked. . .

    I done:
    reg scans/monitors
    service/driver compares
    dll registrations

    even tried using old version files or installer to register the Virtual drive and then run the new exe (no go)!!

    I am serious that you need a silent installer or I won't be able to use it anymore.

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    Silent or unattended installation is not supported.
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    To make a long story short:

    Next version contain silent install possibility.
    No need to request this feature anymore therefore.

    I hope that now all the guys who urgently needed this feature
    are satisfied. Stay tuned for our next release, which is
    available hopefully within the next weeks.

    And no, MSI is crap and NSIS rocks - did you get it?
    Seriously, we got so much trouble only with MSI alone that
    we for good reason switched to this new Installer-format.

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    Daumen hoch silent

    Great news , finaly silent.

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    Daumen runter When U and silent

    Now it always installs When U , when installing Daemontools with /S

    Is there no switch for that?

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    If you do not want to support us you can just delete SetupDTSB.exe after silent installation and it will never run.


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