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Thread: Dynamic mounting on IDE for DT-Pro with Icons

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    Pfeil Dynamic mounting on IDE for DT-Pro with Icons

    Servus ,
    the new copy protections usualy blacklist SCSI-Drives. So the DT-team try to use emulated IDE-Drives. But the maximum Limit of IDE-Drives is 4, isnt it? (prim/sec master/slave)
    Most ppl stil use a IDE-HDD and (real) IDE-Drive, so the maximum Limit of emulated IDE-Drives could be only 1-2?!
    A good solution is used by CureRom allready. You can create a desktop-icon which automaticaly mount a Image on Drive 1 from Daemon-Tools.
    For example: you have only 1 Daemon-Tool DVD-drive - but 10 images with 10 games, which you like to play. So you create the 10 Icons (with Symbol of the game) which all mount automaticaly the correct image to drive 1 of Daemon-tools.
    Now you have only to klick on one the Desktop-Icon and it mounts the Image of the Game in Device 1 of DT. You can do this with all 10 Games and you need only 1 Drive.
    Is this a possible Feature for DaemonTools Pro?

    I know my english is very bad, but do you understand, what i mean?
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    Just use Daemon Script - and you have what you want.
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    what if you have two real ide optical drives already anyway?

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    I have 5 Optical drives and 2 IDE Hard drives and still room for one more IDE device...
    There is no hard limit really... It's 4 per controller...
    I use a PCI Controller to get more than 4...
    I'm sure D-Tools Pro will have its own emulated controller which will be capable of 4 more devices....
    But can they manage multiple controllers?? :P


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