I'll have to agree that "Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic" was an AMAZING game (both for Storyline and gameplay). Even if you're not a huge Star Wars fan its a good game in its own right.

I notice you mentioned Warcraft 3, Starcraft, and Command & Conquer, which are all Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games. If you liked these games I HIGHLY suggest you pick up one of the "Warhammer 40,000" games, either the "Dawn of War - Gold Edition" (which contains the original + the Winter Assault expansion) or the "Dark Crusade" 2nd Expansion pack (not 'truly' an expansion pack as it's completely playable without the original). You don't have to have ANY experience or know anything about the Table top Warhammer games to truly appreciate how fun this game is (I was on the Beta test team and after an hour of playing I KNEW I was buying this game the moment it came out). But don't just take my advice, go download one of the demos for the game and try it yourself.

As far as bloodless FPS's go....hmmm.....most try to be realistic as possible. Battlefield 2 is a good multiplayer FPS that has NO BLOOD in it. Just remember that this is really on a MULTIPLAYER FPS to be played on the internet. While it does have a single player mode that's really only for training (the AI is pretty horrible). The game was built from the ground up to be multiplayer. I believe the original 'Call of Duty' was bloodless as well....and that had an EXCELLENT single player campaign.

I'd also recommend ANYTHING by Sid Meier. He's a game designer that's been around a LONG time. His immensely popular turn based strategy Civilizations series is up to Civilizations IV. He recently remade his very popular 80's 'PIRATES' game which is quite decent. He also recently released 'Sid Meier's RAILROADS!' as well (Sid was also the designer on the original 'Railroad Tycoon').

If you want to play a good RPG game, I'd go back a few years and suggest the Baldur's Gate series. Pretty much every RPG that comes out today is compared to Baldur's Gate II when reviewers talk about how good of a game it is.