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Thread: Diablo 2 ERROR - Verift that CD is in CD Drive

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    Default Diablo 2 ERROR - Verift that CD is in CD Drive

    Operating System: Windows XP
    Burning Software: Nero 6
    Anti-virus Software: None
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

    I recently made backups for all diablo 2 disks using Nero 6. I had to uninstall the game because diablo 2 corrupt files.

    When I reinstalled the game (using image files) It worked fun

    BUT, when i tried to run the game it said the expansion cd could not be found?

    Any clues as to what is wrong?


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    Operating System: 1.6Ghz P4 | 256MB SDRAM | 80GB HD
    Burning Software: Nero
    Anti-virus Software: Norton Anti Virus
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

    i dont think i can answer that legally, but when you make an image it does not have the same copyright authentications on it so i inaffect is not the same as a cd, remember daemon emulates (tries to be a DVD drive) it sint trying to be a cd authentication device

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    D2 works from drive with lowest drive letter only if you start d2.exe - try to start it via game.exe.
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    I set the emulated drive with image in it to lowest drive letter..I still get the same error.
    When I try to update the game to the newest patch it says wrong version?

    Is it possible that i might have created the image file wrong? I used nero 6 to create the image file.

    I can always pull out my disks and install but they are quite scratched. Thats why i wanna keep use of them to a minimum.

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    Nero is not able to copy current copy protections. Please use Alcohol 120% and create a new image of your disc.

    If you need help imaging your CD with Alcohol, you will best look for it in the Alcohol Support Forum.
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