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Thread: Freeware ISO makers

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    A-ray worked for Tiberium Sun, however not for the Original Command and Conquer game. The game is so old I am wondering if there's no copy protection aside from a simple CD
    That is basically the only game I can think of that I have that no protection has been found...although ClonyXXL gave it 5 skulls in difficulty even though it couldnt find a protection.

    My original Red Alert sadly wont run on XP so I won't know about it unless I buy a newer version of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwb1100 View Post
    The free edition of Alcohol 52% has to be about the best, since it's the only free ISO maker that I'm aware of that handles copy protections:
    Alcohol 52% Free Edition

    Note that this is a free edition - not a time-limited demo.
    Which will also install the Babylon toolbar and search as well as a bunch of other crap along with it regardless of whether you choose not to.

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