What are some good quality freeware ISO makers that support a lot of different options and let you make large ISO files without a limit to their size? I know of some shareware and paid ones but which are good freeware? Also, where's a good site that explains all the concepts to do with burning and such things? For example, some games I try to create into iso files but they stop halfway through or they're too big..I just want to not have the disk, thats all..but I dont think I know enough about everything..the protections...the ways to burn...etc...of course I am talking about legal games I've bought...thats all I want to know...how to play them as ISO's..and first, how to BURN them, both to a disk and to an iso file..would help,...also the whole cd/cd-r/dvd/terminology would help..if you know of some sites...I just want to learn but dont know where to look