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    Hey which software of yours is used to install the .bin files? I am trying to install Halo on PC. plz give me a link to which one to use,

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    As I suspect that you yourself have made the image from an original disc you own - because everything else would be illegal and not be tolerated in this forum, leading to an instant deletion of your user account - you should have seen another file with the same filename, but with a .cue file extension instead of .bin.

    You just take the .cue file and mount it in Daemon-Tools - the process is explained in detail in the help file (which you should consume first if you have questions about daemon-tools).

    If for any reason you don't have the .cue file anymore, use Alcohol 120% to create a new image from your CD, using the mds/mdf file format (Alcohol's standard format). Questions about Alcohol 120% are answered in the Alcohol Support Forums.
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    hmmm when I try and make the file an image file it fucks up cuz of low cabinet space, what does this mean?

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    I'm sorry I don't get what you're trying to do.

    Are you trying to make another image from your original CD? Or in some way manipulating the existing image?
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    What I mean is when I am trying to install halo, it fucks up at 78% every time. It says that there is not enough cabinet room, what should I do? uninstall some other files? :?:

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    Do you have enough free space for temp files?
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