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Thread: DAEMON Tools 4.0.8 killed my DVD device

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    Default DAEMON Tools 4.0.8 killed my DVD device

    I installed the newest version of Daemon on Vista RTM, since they say it is "compatible" but after installation my DVD-RW device disappeared. I uninstalled the Daemon but still it won't re-appear.
    Windows shows following error message: "device driver software was not successfully installed"
    "Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-845S ATA Device FAILED!"
    I read about similar problems in the forum but there seems no solution found yet! I hope you can get it fixed soon (Daemon staff)!

    I thought the new version is Vista ready, but it isn't at all! only problems ! this was the last time I installed Daemon tools !

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    and it didn't comed to your mind that maybe other software
    is buggy? Like a wise man said once: if ONE component is
    faulty, all drivers will have a problem no matter how good
    implemented they where.

    We did not charged you for DT, did we? And yes, maybe you
    also keep to your notes that millions of people use DT, only
    few have a problem. It is like pharmacy, what did you expect?
    That we know EVERY possible constellation? EVERY system-
    specs? That we tested it on every system worldwide thats
    available? Especially on VISTA, for sure DT is NOT the only
    software that have maybe probs. It is a system for early
    adopters. Be thankfull that you could downloaded it for free
    and that you could use it already in your new OS.

    After all, I'm pissed off by such problems, too - but more
    of people who blame us because it doesn't worked as expected.

    Do you have an idea how many "workarounds" we have in
    DT itself because of buggy other drivers? Guess it! HUNDREDS!
    Bugs that other developers CONFIRMED but where they saw
    NO NEED to fix them on their side.

    When you're pissed, then blame it to somewhere else. We're not
    here to serve you with your mood. We're here to help you
    with DT.

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    Daumen runter hi to all

    a problem with daemon tool 4.08 after i install it in new windows vista rtm ver. my windows deactivate after every restart . when i remove SPTD driver now fine working my windows plz help. for this problem..

    my english is poor plz try to understand what i want to say?:wink:

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    Can you describe more detailed WHAT exactly happens when
    SPTD is active?

    So far I understand that without SPTD you have no problem
    with your VISTA RTM-version, correct?

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    When you installed the first time DT, have you already activated Windows Vista?
    Mejor morir de pie, que no vivir de rodillas.

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    Default hey

    this same thing happened to me. I'm using RTM, and it's fully registered. Vista will not use my dvd/cd-rom. Also the D-tools artificial dvd-drive will not work.

    When I go to Device manager. There's a questionmark by both of the drives. And when I try to re-install the driver to my sony dvd-burner. It just fails.

    Hope you guys can get to the bottom of this. I bet you can!

    This other guy complaining should consider D-tools has allways been free and also a super-effective tool. Idiot...

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    well its not really free.. you should register it to get benefits like support etc.. and to show your thanks.. and 16 or so euro isnt that much really

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    Default well

    If they somehow fix this problem and help me install daemon so I can use my dvd-rom, I'll be glad to pay those 16 euro's.

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    we will definitely look into this problem

    Unfortunately, one of our main-testmachines is dead-- it served
    us well, but all good has come to an end now.

    Currently, I reinstall everything and hopefully tomorrow every-
    thing is up and running again (unfortunately, the backup is
    useless as most of the system-components now swapped)

    However, I'm pretty sure that we will dig to the bottom of this
    shit asap.

    PS: Although we greatly appreaciate everyone who decide
    to support us (license), we try our best to also serve those
    ones who want to stick to free version. Do only license it
    if you really WANT it! That are the customers we want, people
    who chosed to support us on their own, not forced to it

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    I have the same problem here with Vista and Daemon Tools 4.08, I uninstalled DT and still have an exclamation mark near my DVD writer en DVD reader and still can't use them !!
    I tried several solutions but still have this problem...
    Any help ? Thanks !

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