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Thread: Is Securom Blacklisted?

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    Default Is Securom Blacklisted?

    I Updated UFO Aftermath to the Ver 1.2 Patch and now it won't play with Daemon Tools.

    I know in this patch they updated the version of Securom to and I was just wondering if this is verified as being blacklisted or am I doning somthing wrong?

    Oh and yes it worked fine before. :lol:


    JonnyPho :shock:

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    Yes, it is a blacklist.

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    Is there an ETA on a new version of Daemon Tools?

    Or is there a way around this?



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    Try Mounting your image in an Alcohol Virtual drive rather than in Daemon Tools. It's possible they blacklisted one and not the other.

    Give it a go and see what happen.


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