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    In the past I have used DT to mount an image of my animation master CD so I do not need to keep it in the hard drive. The latest update will not recognize the DT image (created originally using CloneCD - it is safedisc 2.8) The program instead looks only at the physical drives - IDE and usb. I tried various forms of creating a new image using alcohol 120% - mounting the image in Alcohol. Then I tried setting DT to safedisc emulation and grabing the image with alcohol. All with the same result: I need to have a physical disk in one of the physical drives. I have been able to run using a burned disk, but that really defeats my purpose of not having to have the physical disk in my computer.

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    What version of safedisc does update use?

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    Ah, I did not catch that in the first post. It is safedisc 2.8

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    This version of safedisc should not blacklist virtual drive. Make sure you have current dtools (3.41) installed.

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    I am using DT 3.41 - latest. When I scaned the cd using clonyxl it said safedisc 2.8 Is it possible that the update - which is supposed to run with the same cd could be updated to safedisc 2.9?

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    Google for a tool called Safedisc Ananlyzer and scan exe.

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    Okay, I ran those and discovered that prior to the update (when it ran fine with DT) it was using safedisc 2.9 Now it is using safedisc 3.15

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    Safedisc3 does indeed blacklist virtual drive - this should be fixed in the next update.


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