Just Installed on Windows XP Home Edition (Latest)

How about a big warning message that says:

/ \ "If you are not a Windows Kernel Level Software
/ \ Developer the choice to install this program may
/ ! \ destroy your computer!"

In my opinion your whole program is as bad or worse than a computer virus. Luckily as the postings say there are some great informational posts on your web site. If I did not have access to these (due to only owning one computer). I would have been up S creek and swiming in your sewage.

I just finished installing this after downloading something off the Internet which told me to install this program. After I installed it, I could not restart the computer. After many hours of near heart attack emotions the computer is back to a state we could call normal. I have been a Windows user since 1996 (Linux since 1998). I work in the software industry and believe me, from my perspective you need this warning on your package.