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Thread: Suggestion, more info on *.sys files

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    Cool Suggestion, more info on *.sys files


    Today my little virus scanner finished a scan where 3 *.sys files couldn't be opened. They are part of Deamon Tools.

    When cheking these files there wasn't any additional info like on other *.sys files

    Please put this info in your system files so it's more easy to identify these files.

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    SPTD layer is an access layer, similar to Adaptec WinASPI, Microsoft SPTI etc., these kind of files will be placed in Windows\System32\Drivers folder and nowhere else, due to various reasons. One of them is that they are not used by Daemon Tools only.
    When you install Daemon Tools (or other software using SPTD) it's clearly stated that it'll install SPTD layer, so you actually should know where it came from.
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