I've got problems running protected games from my orginal dvd's. After uninstalling DAEMON Tools 4.08 X86 (I couldn't start Army Assault on my maschine from original DVD, even with unmounted drives in DT. Setup info: emulating software detected... .[got no easyCD, nero, or alcohol]) other games wont't work either. What I get by boot is 'new hardware found' - PnP Bios Extension. I removed it form device manager, but my XP Pro SP2 still try to install it after reboot. Older game (IL 2 Sturmovik) can't recognize my orginal CD after that.
How to remove [but clean] DT and recover the orginal drivers? Registry keys? I've found some links (topic: remove DT 4.x) but they broken. I've already read "Common Problems" section (again some broken links). Please advance! Thx.