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Thread: Heroes5 (1.41 and 2.1) + yasu 1.07

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    Default Heroes5 (1.41 and 2.1) + yasu 1.07

    Hi i have a small problem. After updating my H5 with newest patches i got a problem - normal Heroes5 wont run at all (the exe is crashing) but the H5 - Hammer of Fate runs normaly. I used to use yasu 1.02b with previous patches (1.4 and 2.0) and both games run normaly. With new patches i think securom was updated so i was forced to switch to new yasu... Im using DT4.08

    Any solution to this problem?


    PS - ok i did some testing with H5 (eu ver) (1.41)

    Yasu 1.02b - the game is trying to load (thinking a bit) then error (deteced emulation device)
    Yasu 1.03 - Game from the start see emulation device
    Yasu 1.04-1.07 - Game exe crash

    With H5 -HOF (2.1) yasu 1.07 work every single time
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