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Thread: problem with nero 7

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    Böse problem with nero 7

    this is my problem:
    AppName: nero.exe AppVer: ModName: bcgcbpro730.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0011d51b
    nero startsmart is not working!!!
    please help!!

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    First of all, without some detailed information about what's not working, we cannot help you at all - just like a doctor couldn't prescribe any medicine if you called him and said nothing but "I'm sick, prescribe me something!". We need error messages, a detailed description of what happens and when, a minidump if available, etc.

    However, we probably cannot help you with your problem anyway. We're not affiliated in any way with Nero Inc.. Please contact Nero's technical support for help with their products.

    Our Burning Software subforum is mainly for discussion and questions regarding backups of copy protected discs. We cannot offer technical support for third party software.
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