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    I recently downloaded Daemon tools and I have no idea what i am doing or talking about so im sorry. When I tried to get the image to mount(i think) a couldn't see them in the folder while searching for it. I read in the common problems that updated windows xp has a problem but i didn't understand. So if someone could help that be nice but I don't know if this is even understandable.

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    After installing Daemon Tools your virtual device gets a new drive letter assigned.
    Right-click DT Icon -> CD/DVD-Rom Device x....There you see your drive letter. (And there you should find the content of the mounted image)
    However, I suggest you take a look in the Daemon Tools Help.
    If you then have any questions left or don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask.
    Also searching around the forum for any specific problem may help.
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