Hi all,

I am trying to run splinter cell double agent by mounting it with daemon tools 4.06 but I get error messages all the time. As I've understand it, the 4.06 version is supposed to run together with SPTD 1.35 as well as a program called YASU.exe. Apparently a newer version of SPTD (1.39) is automatically installed when I installed 4.06. I tried to degrade it to 1.35 but I didn't succeed.

The readme file that comes together with the game says:

- Mount with Daemon Tools 4.06 (SPTD 1.35).
- Install Game.
- Run YASU tool included with this release and play the game!

I have tried to do these steps several times but it does not work. It seems very straight forward and clear but apparently I am doing something wrong.
Anywho, does anyone been able to run splinter cell double agent using daemon tools or any other mounting program?
Please help me with this issue...