Hi guys,

I got a little problem here... My game dvd is all scratched and takes several tries to load. So, I burned an image of it with CloneCd, saved it and tried it in daemon tools. All it asked was to insert the dvd into the drive. SO... I uninstalled daemon (had it for some time, i figured it was out dated or something). Downloaded 4.08H and tried again. And still it does not work

I run on:
win xp sp2
northon anti 2003
1,5 gig ram
2,8 Ghz cpu intel 4
2x40 gig HD (named C: and D
dvd burner/reader sony (thats F: and the one I originally installed the game from)
cd-burner (E

Got CCleaner, CloneCD, Nero Burning Rom, DVD decrypter, a bit torrent client etc.

Can somebody please help me? That bloody dvd cost a small fortune for a poor student..