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Thread: Can DT run a game in win95 mode?

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    Default Can DT run a game in win95 mode?

    I am using DT 4.08HE / sptd 1.39
    I am running it on winXP / SP2
    I have Resident Evil 1, this is probably really old. When mounting the image it tells me "This game would be able to run only when windows95."
    The three files I have for this game are re1.ccd re1.sub re1.img
    So is there any way to get DT to run something in win95 mode, or at least a way to make non-EXE files run in win95 compatibility?
    *I also want to add that I have been using DT x3 for over a year now with no problems, and just upgraded to the x4 version after a registry cleaner messed up x3 and it kept telling me it couldn't find a language file. So I must say I love your product and it's always worked great for me
    (those damn registry cleaners )

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    Daemon Tools will mount the image, like you'd use a real cd/dvd in a real drive - that's it. If the game won't work in XP from original media, it won't work with Daemon Tools either.
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