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Thread: YASU.exe contains a Trojan..

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    just to add that the guy's last activity was at the date&time of post... he never came back here.
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    God dammit, how about replying back to a thread you made

    This guy Has Contacting by Private Message and Email both Disabled, meaning he just came here to flame Daemon Tools or Yasu, without any significant evidence to back it up, meaning he's trying to avoid being contacted, and had no intent on replying.

    Oh well, if he bothered to reply or visit again, he would of saw that it was debunked, Yasu is a Perfectly Clean as well as a Non-Malicious file, and it's likely that the Heuristics sensitivity was set to high on Avira.

    It's a shame that people just post once, just to flame or B*tch about something they have no actual or significant evidence to back it up, and never bother visiting or replying again to see if it's actually true or not.

    I believe this thread should be Locked or Deleted soon unless the Original Poster can bother to take two minutes out of his supposed hectic schedule to post a reply back here.

    If someone else has a problem with this, which it is evident they Don't, they can open up a new thread to discuss their problem.

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    Users with less than 20 posts can not use the PM system, so I guess that's why it is disabled.

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    Oh yeah, Silly me

    I forgot it's disabled for those with less than 20 posts.

    Anyways he should still reply, or check back. It makes me think he only posted to flame D-Tools or Yasu, with no hard evidence or Proof, Didn't care if it was true or not, and had no intention of coming back to check to see if it was or not.

    I'm sorry that's just the way I feel. If he isn't going to reply, this thread should be locked or Deleted. Right now this is in the open, and regardless if it's true or not it might deter or scare people away from this site or trying the software, because of people claiming it's so called malicious software.

    And it doesn't help that Mcaffee Site Advisor, has this site already listed in the Red Zone because of So Called Risky Downloads due to the Optional WhenU Save now Searchbar that is optional to install.

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    I just love it when someone posts a thread, but doesn't reply back after receiving replies, make me/us feel as if we are talking to ourselves

    I know that everyone has lives and I can understand that, but it's been 24 hours since he posted this. I would at least thought he would of found a couple minutes to reply back.

    It kind of makes me think he posted just to flame and abandoned the thread/forum, as noted by the emoticon he used
    Yes yes lets all engage in random speculation and accuse Sissok of just coming here to "flame" Daemon while he is busy with life, school work, etc. I don't even know you and your being an imbecile...

    (now onto my reply)

    I love the program (Daemon), its a gem and I've had it for a long time why the hell would I backstab anything even Daemon related?

    First of all it isn't exactly the actual Daemon program that came up as possibly being infected so your wrong on multiple fronts, besides that, the screenshot is as raw and valid as I can get unless you have another suggestion besides PrintScreen and MSPaint?

    The fact is the program thought it was infected as it possibly displayed the characteristics of a known trojan, I posted the screenshot because thats the logical thing to do, if the file is infected (which isn't likely) then it should be known and if not then better safe then sorry.

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    I'm sorry, if it seemed if I was being an Imbecile or an ass. It's just I seen other members that have done this and never came back.

    I didn't know your current situation, and I apologize. Usually I never have seen it take more than 24 hours for someone to reply.

    I hope you read this post, you don't have to accept my apology if you don't want to, and that's fine by me. I just hope that this can be left behind.

    I'm Sorry :Cry:

    It seems you are still having the same problem. Avira is known to flag even clean files if the Heuristics Sensitivity is set to high or enabled (Can't) Remember which.

    I believe that Yasu hooks API Calls or something of the Sort, in order to hide virtual drives from known copy protections (Securom, Safedisc) I don't know if it works for Starforce though. It might be this very reason combined with The Heuristics Sensitivity on Avira, that is causing it to be detected as such.

    However the file itself in retrospect is actually clean and exhibits no malicious activity whatsoever, It's the way it was programmed to hide Virtual Drives that causes this false detection or false positive:wink:

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, especially you sYk0 if you are reading this.

    Hope that may answer the question, but you might want to see what sYk0 has to say about what I explained.

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    @ muffinhead,

    I won't go into an indepth description of how YASU works, however i can tell you that YASU does not hook ANY Windows API calls... YASU simply modifies a few registry entries.

    It seems that AVira use a generic detection routine to detect TR/Crypt.ULPM.Gen, but there is no definitive information about this "Virus/Trojan" available.
    curerom @

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    I see, I wasn't sure how Yasu worked so I just took a wild guess, didn't know whether I was right or wrong that why I wanted you to correct me if I was wrong. I'm not a programmer, let alone an experienced on although I'd like to learn how to code apps and games, so I really didn't know.

    I've never had a problem with Yasu, and in fact it also works quite nicely with Alcohols Virtual Drives (52% FE), as well as the Daemon Tools drives.

    Now because of the way I acted, I'm afraid he won't come back. I hope the way I acted didn't give him a bad impression of everyone on this forum, and I'm completely sorry as I said in my last post.

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    I can understand your behaviour its not as if I'v never shot down some newb for doing something the forum considered improper or damaging, its np.

    Well I'm glad the program itself is safe and its just the sensitive anti-virus software, I had just updated the program not 10 mins before downloading YASU so it kinda seemed like possibly more then just a coincidence.

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    Thank You for understanding.

    I'd honestly be worried to, just like you if it happened to me (Which it has)

    In fact I remember one of my good programs being flagged as spyware/Virus, even possibly one of the patches for one of my games, only to find out later that it was falsely flagged or a false positive, and there was nothing to worry about.

    I used to use Norton AV 2004, that came pre-installed with my computer when I bought, and came to find norton was one of the suckiest Anti-Virus that I could use, not to mention a Resource hog.

    After 1 1/2 years of using norton, and it being outdated and replaced by newer versions that I couldn't afford to buy at the time, I then decided to look for a free anti-virus solution.

    I came across a thread about 7 - 8 months ago on (The Free Software thread), where I saw free Anti-Virus's listed. One of those happened to be Avast Anti-Virus. I Downloaded, installed and had no problem.

    I then thought I would at least give Avira Anti-Virus a try. I noticed during the few days of using it (I think I may of set Heuristics Sensitivity too high) it started flagging some of my perfectly legit or harmless programs as Spyware/Adware/Virus.

    I decided to switch back to avast, which seems to do the job pretty well. I now use Avast in combination of A-Squared (Free Version, Basic Scanner), Spybot Search and Destroy, and Javacools Spyware Blaster, as well as Mozilla Firefox W/ No-Script, AdBlock Plus, and Mcafee Site Advisor. I also steer clear of shady websites as well, which has helped me avoid any problems with Adware/Spyware/Virus's/Trojans in a long while.

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