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Thread: LOTR Return of the King

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    Default LOTR Return of the King

    I need to make a backup copy of my original disks and was wondering if anyone found a way to make a succesful copy of the "play disk". My current attempts at making a image result in the "Insert original disk" error message.

    Thanks for the help.

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    What is the game protected by?

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    I was hoping someone here could tell me. I do not know how to find that information out. I tried SecureROM NEW 4x using ALCH 120, but that did not work, it didn't even finish reading the disk.

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    Download clonyxxl and scan your disc.

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    Thanks for hint. ClonyXXL says the CD is using SafeDisc v2.9. I tried using the SafeDisc 2 option within alcohol 120 and all I got was lots of disc read errors.

    Any ideas?

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    Bad sectors are part of the copy protection mechanism SafeDisc consists of, shortly after sector 10.000 they should stop (definitely before 11.000).

    So just keep going or try speeding things up with Andareed's link (see above)...
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    So just let it keep reading with all the errors and wait for it to finish? Ok, I will try that. I am assuming it can take hours then?

    To be specific the errors I am recieving are:

    Disc read error at: 854

    At the time of this posting it was up to 1020.

    I did read the post recommened about the fast dumping method, but it is a little confusing to me.

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    I was able to create a image using safedisc, but it still is asking for the original disc when I have the imaged alchohol created mounted using Daemon tools.

    Do I have any other options for creating a image that the game will read when it's mounted with Daemon tools?

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    Even though clony says 2.9, the game may be safedisc 3.1 protected. In which case you should try to create your image and make sure to read sub-channel data.

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