I just installed DT 4.06HE on a fresh rebuild of Windows XP Pro. I have been using this version for the last 3 rebuilds, and never had an issue. This time however, several odd things have been happening.
1. No entry in the Add/Remove programs list.
2. Every aspect of the program works, except for when I right click the systray icon, mouse to the drive, and click to mount image, nothing comes up. I should be getting the dialog to browse to the image file, but there is nothing. Further attempts to try to right click on the program result in nothing. No context menu. Also, I cannot bring up a context menu on my taskbar or desktop.
3. As I was writing this, the dialog to browse to the image just popped up. Its been some 10-15 minutes since I last clicked teh program.
4. Everything works perfectly if I operate DT using command line. Images mount and work perfectly.

Goofy, odd and wierd. Ive tried reinstalling DT, and reinstalling WinXP to be sure. The only difference between my previous builds and this is that I am using all SATAII hard drives instead of a mix of IDE and SATA. Anyone having the same issues?

PS-Sorry for the giant block of text