I have problem with showing drive letter from virtual drive in windows explorer. I installed deamon properly an it works. I can mount image. But I can't open mounted image. And also there is no drives letter in explorer so I can't open it. When I try to change drive letter: virtual cd/ dvd rom/device0mounted image file)- set device parameters. In opened window, in area settings, drive letter field is empty. DVD region is also empty. When I try to assign new free letter (in my case F to Z ) it shows message "Unable to set new drive letter".
This problem start when I changed drive letters in windows.
I installed windows and deamon tools. After that I splited my disk in 2 partition. C and F (because D is cd/dvd rom, E is Virtual drive.) Deamon worked properly till I changed drive letters to drives. in disk managment. I had problems so I temporally uninstalled deamon. In disk management I changed drive letters C, D for hard, E for CD/dvd drives. Than I installed
deamon again and than I start with problems as it is described abow.
Also in device manager it shows two CD/DVD drives. Real and virtually and both devices work properly.

thanks in advance !