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Thread: Suggestion: .VC4 cd container file.

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    Default Suggestion: .VC4 cd container file.

    Greetings to you all... As my first post I suggest implementing support for the Virtual CD's .vc4 file..

    .vc4'rs are usually accompanied by .000 - .999 images depending on the number of tracks on a CD..


    Or.. perhaps easier, someone might know of a conversion tool that can process these into ISO's or other formats supported by Daemon.

    Have a continued nice day people :)

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    Proprietery images will NEVER be supported. What's the point anyhow? Why would you want to have these .vc4 files? They only work with virtual cd i guess so they are pretty useless. Why not just reimage the file from the virtual cd drive to an iso or ccd or whatever?

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    Moreover we would need the specs for that image format AND THE PERMISSION to use it. And we don't have them.

    Moreover this is already discussed in our FAQ!!!


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