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Thread: support for UIF (Universal Image Format)

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    Default support for UIF (Universal Image Format)

    This iso image is property of magiciso, i think...

    but it will be great if we could mount uif files in daemon tools, as new features.

    What is uif?
    Universal Image Format(UIF) is a powerful compression image file format for backuping CD/DVD. It is fast, reliable, and has rich set of features which include password-protected, data encryption, MD5 checksum support and much more. UIF can not only contain the complete data of CD/DVD just like ISO image, But UIF also supports backuping multi-session CD/DVD, Audio-CD, VCD, SVCD and DVD-Video.

    What is the advantage to use UIF instead of ISO Image, zip, rar and other CD/DVD image to backup CD/DVD? The first and important advantage of using UIF is that can reduce the size of image file, it saves both in the compression and in the saving of disk sector cluster, UIF is a compressed format, It compresses raw CD/DVD data with high quality compression-method. Second, You can backup secret and private CD/DVD using UIF. Especially, It has the advantage to transfer CD/DVD through the Internet. UIF provides both the feature of password-protected for denying the access from any unauthorized user and other feature of data encryption for defeating any sniffer and hacker. Easy and Express to use UIF without restoring and extracting. Unlike ZIP,RAR and other compression archive, you don't have to extract files and folders from UIF before you need to use this files or folders. Just use virtual CD/VD software like MagicDisc to mount UIF image as virtual CD so that you can access all files and folders in UIF image through this virtual CD just like accessing your the original CD/DVD.

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    I agree, i think it would also be nice if D-tools could mount .uif files, these are handy files for compression large ISO's to smaller data.

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    I agree as well. The UIF format is great for compression, so the fact that Daemon Tools doesn't support it is too bad...

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    Newer mdf+mds have their own compression.
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    I agree, please add UIF support!
    More and more software CD images are being distributed in this UIF format, and I hate to use other cd emulation software besides Daemon Tools
    Adding UIF would definitely improve DT even further!

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    Funny, I've yet to encounter a single program that's distributed in UIF format. Can you provide a reference to said programs? And if you're referring to warez (illegal downloads), don't bother.

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    Daumen hoch

    I agree too!

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    I just did a search on Google for .uif files (by entering filetype:uif) and almost all results pointed to warez.
    Conclusion: this filetype seems to be mostly used for warez. A good enough reason to NOT add support for it in DT.

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    Default Hm...

    @ Reef

    I did that on Google & u r right.However,there are quite a lot of results irrelevant to *.uif itself ( properties ) thereby I consider this a little "out of the image".Besides,there much more millions cracked/warezed games/movies/programs delivered in *.zip and *.iso.Of course,I do not agree for *.uif support because:

    A)If it really is a potential format to attract DT on the "hotspot" then no...we can do without *.uif support and...

    B)besides you convert any *.uif into an *.iso and mount the *.iso by burning it on the fly with a CD\DVD.

    P.S.:Saving space with *.uif is not so significant in contrast to the *.iso format as far as my experience is concerned with such a format.
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    Warez people are usually pioneering new technologies. Soon, other people will prefer UIF support in D-Tools for legit reasons. If its a good idea, it will grow. If its a bad one, it will die out. Its as simple as that. I recommend you guys implement it.
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